Fall Flannel + Family Fun

I've been so excited for this post and sharing the first of many of my fall outfits this season. The weather is slowly transitioning into chilly weather here in the Bluegrass, so I thought today was the perfect time to pull out my flannel, vest, and riding boots!

I've been waiting to share this vest on the blog for a while now. I got it last year at a Van Heusen outlet for $20... This is not a typo, yes, $20!! I, of course, was in the market for a J Crew vest, but I'm all about bargain shopping and this one has been awesome. These jeans were a great find at Old Navy this summer, and I think they are having a big denim sale right now! I normally reach for leggings in the fall time because I have never been able to find jeans that work for me, but these have been amazing! I'm also obsessed with my Target watch I've had for about 2 years now that's almost identical to the Michael Kors one and is about a tenth of the price which is always great. The boots and flannel are old, but there are so many similar things out there for fall and winter time.

My aunt came in town to visit us from New York today and we went to lunch. It's also my grandma's birthday so we're going out to dinner, so this outfit is making its rounds to all of my Sunday family gatherings!
I hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll be back sometime this week with a new post!


Tuesday Inspiration

I've been majorly slacking on my posts this week. I've been trying to get myself on a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, but I've had a lot going on, so I'm trying to get back to it. I hope no one has been missing Weekend Wonders ; )

It's no shocker that junior year is killer. I was not mentally or physically prepared for the stresses of this year when I started school six weeks ago. During the past six weeks, the days have flown by and taken my sanity with them... Just yesterday, I had a major meltdown (part of the reason there was no blog post). I have been trying to do so much work and keep up with so many responsibilities all on my own and it's really catching up to me. I am a very closed off person and I hate asking people for help. However, in accepting the fact that I am struggling and need to get back on my feet (where the quote comes in : ) ), I'm also accepting the fact that I need to ask for help. I need help from my parents, teachers, and friends to get through each day and accomplish my to do list without feeling as overwhelmed. I'm making goals for things I need to accomplish to feel better and do better for the rest of this semester. I know now what I need to do for right now to get where I want to be. Now, the reason I'm sharing this personal post is that I know I'm not alone. I know many of my friends (and loyal readers haha) are struggling with this same feeling. Sometimes the greatest blessing is getting to that rough spot where you realize you need a change or that you can't continue to try and do everything on your own. I'm encouraging myself to take the steps to get back on my feet and take control. I know in my heart that I'm ready to get back to feeling like myself again. With that being said, I am ready to get back to my normal post ideas and get to work on blog posts that are more relevant to what I love rather than these posts that are about my high school/teenage struggles : )

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Friday Happenings

I am more than glad that this week is over! I've been feeling really frustrated and overwhelmed with work and other personal things going on, so I'm overjoyed it's the weekend. Thinking about sleeping in tomorrow morning is making me so happy lol. Here are my favorites for the week:

ONE // Good Friends
Going through rough patches and the everyday stresses of high school are a lot easier when you have a group of friends that care about you and support you no matter what. Wednesday after school, I was feeling really stressed about the 3 tests I had Thursday and when my friends invited me to dinner, I was so happy to have time to relax and forget about my work... at least for a little while.

TWO // Rain, Rain
I've been using this app that mimics thunderstorm sounds to help me fall asleep at night. This one has so many different sounds and I love that you can set a timer so it doesn't play all night. My favorite is the original thunderstorm and I set it for 45 minutes.

THREE // Music Favorites
I have been LOVING Lana del Rey's album, Ultraviolence, and Ariana Grande's new album, My Everything. I listen to them on repeat on Spotify and I'm obsessed! I tried to narrow down my favorites from each. Check them out if you haven't already:

FOUR // NY Times
I've been trying to read the New York Times every morning before or during school. Being updated with important, current events in the US and World charges my brain and gets me ready for the day. I love clicking around in different sections and reading new things. There really is something for everyone, even if you don't want to read about politics.

FIVE // Favorite Finds
I've been obsessed with Tumblr lately and these are a few of my favorite finds:
one // two // three 

Have a great weekend!

What I'm Wearing: Sunday Errands

shirt (same style, fall colors) // skirt // shoes (old, similar)

Sunday afternoon, I went to Starbucks and shopping with my mom and sister. My sister has a really exciting 8th grade dance coming up soon, so she was in need of a dress. She ended up getting an adorable one from a local boutique that will be featured in a coming Weekend Wonders post! I just recently ordered this skirt from J Crew Factory when it was 50% off and I've been thinking of all the different outfits I can put together with it. This outfit was fairly casual but I dressed it up with a statement necklace and my favorite stack of bracelets. I've been trying to take longer time in between hair washes, so I've started wearing a braid into a ponytail (actually sporting one as I write, lol) on 2nd or 3rd day hair. It's super quick, easy, and cute. Also, with the Fall season quickly approaching, I've been bringing out my fall lipsticks, including my all-time favorite Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet. For my nails, I'm wearing the Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Red Snapper (perfect red color!!).

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. We're halfway to the weekend!!

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Monday Motivation + Fashion Favorites

Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.
Happy Monday! I had a great weekend and I'm off to a great start today, so I hope everyone else is too. As I was sitting in homeroom today, I was talking with my friend, Lauren, trying to decide what to write about for today's post. Now I know I'm not College Prepster or anything, but I really try to put a lot of time and effort into my blog and I really do love it. Even though most of the people that read my blog are my family and friends, there are still people that try and bring me down about it. It's easy to laugh or make a joke about it, but on the inside it does hurt. I chose this quote, from my Pinterest, as a reminder to not worry about the people that don't appreciate or understand why I write or what I'm actually doing. No matter what you do, there is always going to be someone that makes fun of you, doesn't like you, or just doesn't get it. I'm going to continue to work hard and follow my dreams and I hope that if someone is trying to bring you down, you continue doing what you love anyways.

I'm going to share my fashion favorites for this upcoming season because nothing says dreams like what you're dreaming of hanging in your closet for fall :)

NOTES: I actually prefer the popover in the other fall print, but I couldn't find a picture of it on the website I used to make this beautiful collage ;) Also, the striped excursion vest from J Crew is sold out, but I'm determined to find it. 

I hope everyone has an amazing week!


Monday Motivation

(12) Tumblr

Happy Monday!!
I said in my post yesterday that I was getting organized and resting and somehow that turned into not finishing any homework and staying up until 1am on Tumblr... whoops
Anyways, I have always been a huge fan of inspirational quotes and consider my "Inspiration" board on Pinterest one of my greatest achievements *insert crying laughing emoji here* Back in June, I started sending Monday "motivations" to my 3 best friends in our group message. I've somehow kept it up and wanted to bring it to the blog! I thought that today I would get personal and reflect a little on the above quote as I start out my Monday sitting in class only slightly sleep deprived...

When I found this photo on Tumblr, it really inspired me. Too often, I find myself saying yes to things and doing things because I feel pressured or it seems like it would look good on a college application. Junior year is already really hard and not just because of the excessive homework load. Being a teenager is hard enough, but when you top that with guidance counselors, teachers, and parents throwing so much at you about AP classes, ACT testing, and college planning all at once, it can be really overwhelming. It's hard to live in the moment or do what you love when you constantly feel like you are trying to play catch up from yesterday's to-do list or have the "perfect" resume. It is so easy for me to get caught up in all the work, cheer practices, and expectations that I forget to focus on what's actually important to building up the kind of person I want to be. Of course, doing my homework and not failing high school is kind of crucial, but in 10 years, I don't want to remember high school as a time where I cried every single night drowning in papers and signed up for activities I really didn't want to do just because I thought it was the "right thing" to do. So starting today, I'm challenging myself to live in the moment and take more time to do what makes me happy. I'm going to make an effort to close my textbooks and put away papers that I've been staring at for hours that are stressing me out x100. I'm going to start taking a deep breath and say no when I really don't want to do something. I'm going to sign up for clubs and go to events that I really want to go to because they make me feel good. For my own sanity, I need to stop holding everything in and start letting things go and doing what makes me happy. Being a people pleaser and a pushover can really get to me at times and there are a few things that I have to continue to remind myself to stay afloat:

1. Worrying constantly about the future isn't doing anything positive for me.

2. Signing up for classes and activities that will "look good on an application" is only going to make me more unhappy.

3. Make the most of what I have at the moment while I'm working hard for what I ultimately want.

4. Don't get caught up/Keep things in perspective.

This post was insanely rambly as it is a combination of my thoughts in just about every class period today. However, writing this post and giving "advice" to others is really to help me keep everything in perspective. Translating my feelings and thoughts that are floating around in my head into a blog post reminds me to do the above 4 things and that no matter how hard things get, I'm really not drowning :)
I hope everyone has a great week and I hope this post helped as least one person as much as it has helped me get through this Monday!