Baking with Baigin

Monday was our bake sale to raise money for an amazing organization, Pencils of Promise, that my school has partnered up with to help support, Although I may not always be able to help charities like this one in huge ways, I can help by baking tasty treats to sell for the cause. Sunday morning, I was scrolling through my Pinterest like crazy trying to find just what I wanted to make and I came across these peanut butter cup blondies. I included the link, so I'm not going to completely copy out the recipe but I will share some photos of the fun and tips! I've been into baking and cooking for a while now, so I can't wait to share with everyone my favorite recipes! These came out just like the photo and recipe said they would and were AMAZING. Tweet me a picture (@classinthebg) if you make these and follow me on Twitter for updates on all things blog related :)

TIPS // The recipe says to bake these in a square dish, but I used a rectangular one (smaller than a 13x9, but not sure the exact size) and just baked them for 15 minutes instead of 20. Also, I only had enough batter to make 15 and they were fairly thin, but it might be different using the square pan.

OOTD Sunday :)

I hope everyone has a great week and stay tuned for more Class in the Bluegrass this week!

Disney Daze

This past weekend was probably the best I've had in a while! For fall break, my friends and I packed up and headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to celebrate superstar Katie's 16th birthday. Of course, it was only right to document every minute of it and that's exactly what I did! Shout out to Leslie, Sarah, Katie, and Hayley for putting up with my constant blog talk- they really are the best! We left after school Wednesday, headed for the airport and (after a slight luggage mishap) arrived at the Grand Floridian around 10pm.

THURSDAY // Animal Kingdom + Hollywood Studios Part 1
We had an awesome itinerary planned out for us and we were up at 7 Thursday morning ready for our bus to Animal Kingdom. There weren't many roller coasters, but the Safari and Lion King show were AMAZING. We caught the bus and then rode our favorites: Tower of Terror and Rock'n Roller Coaster.

FRIDAY // Magic Kingdom + Hollywood Studios Part 2
There is nothing like the feeling of walking through the gates of Magic Kingdom and seeing that castle for the first time. It's been about 11 years since I was last at Disney, so it was like experiencing it all again for the first time. We hit just about everything in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland and then went back to Hollywood Studios for the Frozen Sing Along show in the late afternoon. It was seriously amazing. As a huge Frozen fan, this show made me so happy. I couldn't stop singing or smiling. Side note- Sarah and I made the genius decision to buy fanny packs in a shop on Main Street and we couldn't get enough of them. Fanny pack Friday (and no, Les, that was not a typo) in Magic Kingdom was everything we could have asked for.

SATURDAY // Magic Kingdom
I slacked a little on pictures this day, but we visited Liberty Square, Adventureland, and Frontierland Saturday morning. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Aladdin carpet ride were my personal favorites. We came back that night after resting in our room and waited in line to meet Tinker Bell and rode a few more rides since the park was open until 1am!

SUNDAY // Last Day
We woke up early and had breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and the other characters. It was so cute and the food was delicious. We ended the trip in Downtown Disney for a little while and then headed off to the airport to return home.

I've been working on this post and cropping/editing all of my photos all week and I'm so glad to get this post up finally! To be honest, I've been in a funk since getting back into my routine because this trip was so amazing and I'm having withdrawals! No matter how old you are Disney is seriously the happiest place on Earth and I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect trip with the most perfect friends! I'm headed to a vocal competition this weekend, but when I get home, I have several fun posts coming :) Hope everyone has a great rest of their week. xo

Monday Motivation(ish) + Update

Wow! So much has been going on lately and I haven't really found the time or inspiration to write. In fact, I've been lacking a lot of inspiration in general. I've been trying to get motivated and stay on track with my work and exercise. Besides the fact that I am (insanely) struggling to keep my eyes open today (typical), I feel very, very motivated this week. I'm ready to feel better again and take my laziness down a notch... Although this post is short and sweet, I want to share with you what has been inspiring me to get motivated. I'm planning a larger post centered on inspiration and organization next week while I'm on fall break when I have more time! Although I wish I was overflowing with wisdom and inspirational quotes, I am not, but here are some pictures and posts that I have found that I hope inspire you too!
PS. I am off to Disney World on Wednesday and I'm so excited to share that trip on here!!

       Now is the best time to be they person you want to be
      Change your life to a happier one.

I've been OBSESSING over Sex & the City. (namely Charlotte, if you can't tell from my Pinterest board haha)

I hope everyone has a great week!

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